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About our Cakes

Our fondant cakes are cakes that are covered with a sugar dough, and it allows one the flexibility to create a detailed, colourful and very personalized edible work of art, which can form a wonderful conversation topic and centerpiece to any party!


The best part about a fondant cake is that it doesn't require refrigeration before cutting and it sits well in an air-conditioned room. Many people have asked why it doesn't need refrigeration and the answer to that is, fondant acts as a protective layer to first, the dark chocolate ganache which in turns "protects" the cake inside. The main components of our cakes -- fondant, chocolate ganache (frosting), italian buttercream (filling), and butter cake all can be left as it is at 25ish degrees Celsius.

Cake Flavours

The cakes we use are butter cakes (think Sara Lee pound cake), as opposed to sponge cakes (think chiffon cake) which are normally used for cream cakes. Butter cakes are sweeter, richer and heavier on the tongue and stomach. The reason we use butter cakes is because they are denser and more tightly crumbed which makes them easier to sculpt and it holds the weight of fondant better.

We use fresh fruit puree for my buttercream. You may suggest your own fillings too, and if we can accommodate, we will.

Frosting (the stuff between the fondant and cake):

We use dark chocolate ganache (55% to 70% cocoa) for frosting as opposed to butter cream. Dark chocolate works better for our humidity, as it doesn’t cause the fondant to “sweat”.

Current three most popular pairings (not in order of popularity):

  1. Chocolate cake with chocolate chip buttercream
  2. Chocolate cake with chocolate ganache
  3. Lemon cake with lemon cream

Cake Price Guide

It is almost impossible to set out a price list for customized sculpted cakes, simply because there are so many variables to consider. We take into account the design and complexity, and to a varying degree; number of servings in pricing cakes.

A smaller cake with many figurines, which translates to longer time and labour spent, will be priced higher than a large cake with just a 2D design.

Cake pricing guide:

Cake typeServing (persons)Starting price
5” round5 ~ 10 $200
4” round over 6” round20 ~ 25$400
5” round over 7” round25 ~ 30$500
6” round over 8” round35 ~ 40$640
7” round over 9” round40 ~ 50$720
4” round over 6” round over 8” round40 ~ 50$580
3D sculpted cakes25 ~ 30$350 upwards

General cupcake pricing guide:

  1. Standard size cupcakes with a buttercream swirl: $5
  2. Cupcakes with a buttercream swirl and a small fondant topper: $7 upwards
  3. Fondant covered cupcakes / cupcakes with buttercream swirls with 2D designs: $8 to $15.
  4. Fondant covered cupcakes with 3D designs: $15 upwards.

Cake Delivery and Table Setup

We ALWAYS recommend having us deliver your cakes to you, especially sculpted or tiered cakes, because we want your cake to arrive at the party the way it leaves our place. We deliver our cakes OURSELVES and not through a third party as we believe we have the best experience in handling our own cakes. We deliver 24 hours everyday.

Our minimum order amount is $200.

Delivery fee is $15 to any location within mainland Singapore. You may opt for self collect, but we only offer this between Monday and Friday and by appointment only. Location for self collect is at 183 Jalan Pelikat, #B1-112, The Promenade@Pelikat, Singapore 537643.

Standard delivery timing is between after 8am to 9pm.

Between 9.01pm to 7.59am - additional $30.

Delivery Timings

You may specify a 1 hour span of the time you want your cake delivered and we aim to deliver your cake within the time stipulated.

No Show During Delivery

If there is nobody at delivery address. We will try to contact the the orderer, failing which, we will wait for 10 minutes and leave with the cake. You may make another appointment for delivery and delivery fee of $15 applies.

Self Collection & Caveat

You may collect your order by appointment only. Collection from our shop at 183 Jalan Pelikat, #B1-112, The Promenade@Pelikat, Singapore 537643.. We only offer self collection from Monday to Friday within a specified 30 minute time span.

Once you are satisfied with the condition of the cake and it leaves the shop with you. We cannot be responsible for any broken figurine, bleeding fondant etc.

Dessert Table Setup

Please allow 1 to 2 hours (depending on package) to set up a dessert table and 30 minutes to pack up. Set-ups at Sentosa entails an additional $50 on top of package price.

If you require us to help transport your set up to another location and then set it up that will cost $250.

Contact us!

Interested? Send us an enquiry with the following:

  1. The date of your event (so we do not start a discussion for a date we cannot commit).
  2. How many people will be attending (so we can suggest a cake size for you).
  3. Any specific design or idea you have in mind (send us an attachment, a sketch, or one of our posts!)
  4. If you are looking for party decor, let us know which package best suits you .